Summer reading, 2021

Bill Caraher’s blog post on his summer reading list prompted me to do the same. Like Bill, I’m not planning to go to Greece this summer. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been away from Greece for this long… it was sometime before 1998, which was the last time I didn’t go to Greece. So in theory I should have more time to read, and here’s my aspirational and totally unrealistic reading list, in no particular order:

  • Chrysanthi Gallou (2020) Death in Mycenaean Laconia
  • Nicoletta Momigliano (2020) In Search of the Labyrinth
  • Dan Hicks (2020) The Brutish Museums
  • Ester Salgarella (2020) Aegean Linear Script(s)
  • Anna Judson (2020) The Undeciphered Signs of Linear B
  • Dan-El Padilla Peralta (2020) Divine Institutions
  • Guy Middleton, ed. (2020) Collapse and Transformation
  • Tim Ingold (2021) Correspondences
  • L. Vance Watrous (2021) Minoan Crete
  • Ariel Sabar (2020) Veritas
  • Marina Rustow (2020) The Lost Archive
  • Marcel Piérart (2020) Klyton Argos
  • Whitney Battle-Baptiste (2011) Black Feminist Archaeology
  • Roderick A Ferguson (2012) the reorder of things
  • Michael Herzfeld (2020 [1982]) Ours Once More

I’m sure there are some books I’m missing or not thinking of — I largely made this list by frantically looking around my home office — but this is just my starting-point.


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