New Year’s resolutions

This past semester has been a transition. I started a new job at the University of Colorado Boulder in the Classics department. I acted (and am acting until the end of the academic year) as director of graduate studies, I taught a new and challenging class (even if it involved very familiar material), and got used to operating in a new administrative and educational environment. My family also had health problems that made it hard to think about much besides keeping ourselves alive and our heads above water.

My New Year’s resolution, then, is get back to basics: to read more and to write more. Research involves writing, and I need to practice my craft in different forms: short and long, formal and informal, online and offline. I also need to get to reading. Despite coming off of a sabbatical, I feel impossibly behind in all of my reading. Here’s what’s on my reading list, in no particular order:

  1. Shannon Lee Dawdy, Patina: A Profane Archaeology (Chicago 2016)
  2. Daniel Jew, Robin Osborne and Michael Scott (eds.), M.I. Finley: An Ancient Historian and his Impact (Cambridge 2016)
  3. Brian Epstein, The Ant Trap: Rebuilding the Foundations of the Social Sciences (Oxford 2015)
  4. Erin Walcek Averett, Jody Michael Gordon, and Derek B. Counts (eds.), Mobilizing the Past for a Digital Future: The Potential of Digital Archaeology (Grand Forks 2016)
  5. Maurizio del Freo and Massimo Perna (eds.), Manuale di epigrafia micenea: Introduzione allo studio dei testi in lineare B, 2 vols. (Padova 2016)
  6. Mario Liverani, Imagining Babylon: The Modern Story of an Ancient City (Berlin 2016) 
  7. Eva Von Dassow, State and Society in the Late Bronze Age: Alalah Under the Mitanni Empire (Bethesda 2008)
  8. Bruce Routledge, Archaeology and State Theory: Subjects and Objects of Power (London 2014)
  9. Margaretha Kramer-Hajos, Mycenaean Greece and the Aegean World: Palace and Province in the Late Bronze Age (Cambridge 2016)
  10. Justin Jennings, Killing Civilization: A Reassessment of Early Urbanism and Its Consequences (Albuquerque 2016)
  11. Nicholas Postgate, Bronze Age Bureaucracy: Writing and the Practice of Government in Assyria (Cambridge 2014)
  12. Evi Gorogianni, Peter Pavuk, and Luca Girella (eds.)., Beyond Thalassocracies: Understanding Processes of Minoanisation and Mycenaeanisation in the Aegean (Oxford 2016)
  13. David Pettegrew, The Isthmus of Corinth: Crossroads of the Mediterranean World (Ann Arbor 2016)

Plus all the ones I’m forgetting about because they’re sitting in my office on campus…

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