A network analysis of the AIA’s 2017 meeting

As a follow up on my last post, in which I made a word cloud from the paper and poster titles of the 2017 annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, I thought it would be neat to run a (simple, because I have no idea what I’m doing) network analysis on the same data set. Well, almost the same data set: I removed all the articles and prepositions, punctuation, numbers and things like the “IA” of “LM IA.” Some of the titles look really fun without any of the connecting words, actually. I inputted this cleaned-up text file into http://textexture.com/ and here is the result (link to a dynamic page):



This should work as an embedded dynamic image: http://www.textexture.com/index.php?text_id=85497&embed=1&width=500&height=500

I guess the AIA this year is full of Romanists who are really empirical. That’s not too surprising, I suppose.

Additionally the textexture algorithm determined that the following are the most influential keywords in this text: roman    evidence    analysis    case  

And the most influential contexts in this text were
#0:   roman    imperial    temple    graffito
#1:   evidence    analysis    bronze    italy
#2:   case    study    identity    modern
#3:   excavation    project    etruscan    site


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